Punch Television Studios Get Ready to Offer $one hundred million bucks in shares at $five for each share

Punch Tv set Studios Prepares to Market $a hundred million bucks in inventory at $5 per share

Punch Television Studios' investor foundation has by now manufactured it achievable for the company to launch 7 stations across the country achieving about 26 million households, together with stations in Southern California, Columbus Ohio, Pensacola & Jacksonville FL, Houston & Beaumont TX. The network continues to be able to successfully launch on major cable networks broadcasting on Frontier Communications, Direct Television set, AT&T, Charter Spectrum, Fios by Verizon and Dish Network. .

The company owns and operates many independent divisions Every of which permits the organization to provide it’s viewers with authentic on-demand from customers electronic programming not obtainable on other key networks, together with 4D technology and also a broadcast signal here offered on many platforms ranging from traditional tv to the online market place, iPads, tablets and wise phones.

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